Version 2.20 (Drip)
Version 2.19 (Shallowwoods)
Version 2.18 (Inspection)
Version 2.16 (Wombocombo)
Version 2.15 (Bee)
Version 2.14 (Gross)
Version 2.13 (Oink)
Version 2.12 (Kitchen Knife)
Version 2.11 (Pitchfork)
Version 2.1 (Teatime)
Version 2.095 (Moocow)
Version 2.09 (Feelbird)
Version 2.08 (Plantlife)
Version 2.07 (Bless this Mess)

Everything else

Install node.js. Download one of the Windows versions above. Use node.js to run server.js contained within the .zip package you downloaded.