Note that the following downloadable packages are always a version behind the very latest fixes. As such, certain features in the latest scene(s) may or may not work as expected. Basically, the latest scene added in each package will get fixed in the next one. I highly advise you play the game online instead, unless you predict you won't have access to (steady) internet in the nearby future.

Version 2.62 (Stormbrew)
Version 2.61 (Sniffy)
Version 2.6 (Painting)
Version 2.59 (Aladdin)
Version 2.58 (Semper in Angaria)
Version 2.57 (Stores and Locks)
Version 2.56 (Windowsill)
Version 2.55 (Rubrub)
Version 2.54 (Rubwords)
Version 2.53 (Forearm)
Version 2.52 (Buttphrodisiac)
Version 2.51 (Colorful white)
Version 2.50 (Six of them)
Version 2.49 (Kiss it)
Version 2.48 (Bold Breakin)
Version 2.47 (Bed)
Version 2.46 (Tree Surgeon)
Version 2.45 (Wolftail)
Version 2.44 (Mississippi)
Version 2.43 (Fondlerir)
Version 2.42 (Kurisumoesu)
Version 2.41 (Wolfpaw)
Version 2.40 (Fenrirtub)
Version 2.39 (Glub Glub)
Version 2.38 (Splish Splash)
Version 2.37 (Moremutations)
Version 2.36 (Mop)
Version 2.35 (Dentist)
Version 2.34 (Permutations)
Version 2.33 (Wholesome)
Version 2.32 (Dislocated)
Version 2.31 (Sabre)
Version 2.3 (Cumpiled)
Version 2.25 (Low Energy)
Version 2.24 (Bath)
Version 2.23 (Briefs)
Version 2.22 (Tiny)
Version 2.21 (Evolution)
Version 2.2 (Drip)
Version 2.19 (Shallowwoods)
Version 2.18 (Inspection)
Version 2.16 (Wombocombo)
Version 2.15 (Bee)
Version 2.14 (Gross)
Version 2.13 (Oink)
Version 2.12 (Kitchen Knife)
Version 2.11 (Pitchfork)
Version 2.1 (Teatime)
Version 2.095 (Moocow)
Version 2.09 (Feelbird)
Version 2.08 (Plantlife)
Version 2.07 (Bless this Mess)

Everything else

Install node.js. Download one of the Windows versions above. Unzip it, then use node.js to run server.js contained within.