This page contains settings and features that may alter your Kobold Adventure experience. Settings are automatically saved, and may be changed at all times. Altered settings will not always take effect immediately. Reach the descriptions carefully before making any changes.

Cuntboy or Female

By default, when your character becomes a flat-chested kobold with nothing but a cunt between his/her legs, it will be viewed as a cuntboy, and thus be addressed as male. The logic behind this is that, from looks alone, a flat-chested kobold female is pretty much indistinguishable from its male counterpart. Hence, everyone refers to it as a boy, and not as a girl.

If you prefer your kobold, when flat-chested, to remain a female instead of becoming a cuntboy, you may check the following option. Note that this will make it impossible to become a cuntboy. Also note that this option will only affect characters that are not yet flat-chested females or cuntboys. In other words, it will only take effect when a bodily change occurs.

There may be cuntboy-only content in the future, which you will miss out on if your character is classified as a female instead. Then again, people might just mistake your character for a boy regardless of this setting. Toggle at your own risk.


Regular or Hot Load

By default, the game will load required files during the transition between two scenes. This causes a brief interruption of gameplay, but once loaded, the scene will remain available until the entire page is reloaded. This means that subsequent loads of the same scene will be nigh-instantaneous.

As an alternative to this regular loading scheme, there is hotloading. Hotloading ensures that all the files required to run the entire game (each and every scene) are loaded at the start of the game. This means that load times between scenes will be practically reduced to nothing. On the other hand, this will make the initial load take quite a bit longer, but not as long as the combined load times of all the scenes. By loading a single file containing all of the scenes, far faster results can be achieved.

Toggling this option on or off will not have any effect until the game is reloaded. Note that the aStory feature of Kobold Adventure has mandatory hotloading enabled. aStory works pretty darn well on downloaded versions of the game.

Regular load
Hot load

New or Old Loading

Old scene loading loads every file needed to run a scene independently, intended to ease development. New scene loading is a far more effective way of going about things. It loads a single, compiled file which contains everything needed to run the scene. There is virtually no reason to revert back to old scene loading, but if you want to see the pretty loading screen progression for yourself, or if you are a programmer working on scenes for some reason, feel free to alter the setting below.

Toggling this option on or off does not require the game to be reloaded. This setting has no effect while hotloading is enabled.

New loading
Old loading

NSFW images

By default, Kobold Adventure contains a bunch of images of an explicit nature. If you are playing the game in a public area, where someone might casually glance over at your scene, it is advised to disable these images by flipping the switch below. Takes effect immediately. Also affects aStory. Note that this will not disable non-lewd images, nor does it change the "adults only" rating of Kobold Adventure.

Show NSFW images
Do not

Hidden conditions

Kobold Adventure makes a few less-explicit choices concerning the kobold's success or failure behind the scenes. In the past, these choices were made without informing you, the player, about them. Now, most if not all of these choices are openly explained in the game. If you want to revert things to how they used to be, and hide these explanations, then toggle the switch below, and they'll be gone when you next change tabs. Affects aStory as well, but you'll need to re-generate your story to get rid of the conditions.

Show hidden conditions
Hide hidden conditions

Text size

Do you like your text a little bit bigger, or a teeny bit smaller? Alter the value down below. It'll change the size of most of the body text of the game. It will (or should) not change anything outside of regular text. Note that this will probably break a lot of things. Only alter this if you really can't stand the default size of 16px. Also affects aStory, but not aPreview. Takes effect immediately.

Scrolling behavior

Scroll on Load

Kobold Adventure remembers how far down you had scrolled in a scene when saving. By default, it will do nothing with this information. By flipping the switch below, you can make the game automatically scroll down to where you left off when loading a saved game. This setting will take effect immediately. No game reload is required. Savegames made before version 2.19 (Shallowwoods) will not have their scrolling state saved. As a result, they will always load to either the very top or the very bottom of the scene (see the next option).

Do not scroll

Scroll to Bottom

If the previous setting is enabled, the game will automatically scroll to where you last left off. If you, instead, want the game to always scroll to the bottom of a scene when loading a save, then you can flip the switch below. Note that this option will do nothing unless the previous option has been enabled. This setting will take effect immediately. No game reload is required.

Scroll to save state
Scroll to bottom


Kobold Adventure is capable of changing the color of its UI to represent the current surroundings or the mood of the current scene. By flipping the switch below, theming can be disabled, and the default theme will be used throughout the game. Requires a game restart to properly take effect. When altered with a game in progress, may produce weird effects with some themes loading and others reverting to the default theme. Also affects aStory, but not aPreview.

Enable themes
Disable themes

Darken themes

Kobold Adventure has a variety of themes, ranging from very bright to very dark. Some people don't like that. Some people want all themes to be dark. If you are one of those people, you can flip the switch below, and pretty much every color sans text and special stuff will be dampened. Note that I probably won't test these dampened themes too much, and they might end up looking a bit fucky. This has no effect on the game's main menu theme, and also does nothing if themes in general are disabled. Requires a game restart to take effect. Affects the main game and aStory, but not aPreview.

Vibrant themes
Dark themes

Dark theme modifier

This value determines how dark your darkened themes should be. 100 makes them exactly the same as the vibrant themes. 50, the default, makes them half as dazzling as they used to be. 0 makes them pitch-black in all aspects, something which is not recommended. Does nothing unless dark themes are enabled. Requires a game restart to take effect.


Custom theme

Want a single theme like what happens when disabling theming altogether, but don't want to stare at the blue-on-white default interface all the time? This is the option for you. You get to define your own custom theme, that will be used in place of the default one. Will only replace the default theme, so only affects the titlescreen if theming is enabled. If you disable theming, you can use your custom theme throughout the game. Requires a game reload to take effect.

Standard default theme
Custom default theme

Custom theme settings

The settings for your custom theme. Immediately takes effect ingame, but only if custom themes were enabled at launch. Only works if you have custom theme enabled.

Defaults: Background #191919 rgb(25, 25, 25), Main #005AA1 rgb(0, 90, 161), Side #003C6C rgb(0, 60, 108), Text #FFFFFF rgb(255, 255, 255)


Some parts of Kobold Adventure may contain audio. By default, all audio is enabled, but muted, to prevent people from getting jumpscared by sounds they were not expecting. By flipping the switch below, you can disable the audio component completely. This will prevent sound files from even being loaded, and thus is useful if you are on a metered network. If you simply have the audio permanently muted, then you might as well disable it completely to avoid loading unnecessary things. This option will not take effect until the game has been restarted. Thanks to Google's autoplay policy, you need to click in the game window for audio to start playing on Chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome).

Disable audio
Enable audio

Audio in menus

By default, all audio will fade when changing tabs. In other words: only the scene tab will play music. By changing this setting, audio will continue to play even while on different parts of the game. This may make the game more immersive for those who like checking their inventory, stats and statuses a lot. This option should take effect immediately, but toggling it repeatedly while flipping through tabs ingame might lead to some odd audio behavior, such as audio being played twice at the same time.

Audio in scene
Audio everywhere


Master volume

In case the audio of Kobold Adventure is too loud or not loud enough, you can alter the volume using the slider below. Note that this will affect all sounds. This option will take effect immediately.


Effects volume

This slider makes all effects louder or quieter. Effects are sounds which play either only once, or once per event.


Background volume

This slider makes all background music and ambient sound louder or quieter. Background music is looping audio played during a scene.