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This page showcases all the fan art and fan fiction created by fans of Kobold Adventure. You can click each individual image for a larger resolution one which will open in a new tab. Each creator has their own section below. For an overview of creators, please see the credits page. Note that this page is not safe for work. If you are not of age, close this tab (and leave Kobold Adventure in general).


A wonderfully colored version of Kobold Adventure's first real loading screen.

colored loading screen

Evily Arts

A well-made drawing of a freshly enslaved Moe.

captured moe


Moe drunkenly climbing onto a bar to steal tips.

stealing drunk moe

The merchant had told the kobold they'd be paid ten coins to sit in the box for thirty minutes. Nobody said anything about being ridiculed by the crowd, or being forced to suck dick in return for their freedom.

magicbox moe


Leashed Moe.

leashed moe female leashed moe female with cum leashed moe male leashed moe male with cum


Moe took a sip of the wrong potion before visiting Seki.

egged moe

Duke Shoukem

Moe tried playing frogger with some of the local wildlife. Turns out that bending over for an erect amphibian was not the brightest of ideas.

egged moe


Female Moe playing with honey and sucking dick.

honey moe

Gordon Zar

Moe enjoying a delicious meal!

eating moe


Moe being handed a pair of eggs to throw at a bird in the stocks.

two egg moe


A more humanoid Moe.

humanoid moe

Moe the assassin.

assassin moe


The kobold isn't even trying to keep the tentacle away.

tentacled moe


Sticc versus rocc, the eternal debate.

sticc vs rocc

Moe accidentally drank an aphrodisiac potion, mistaking it for a fourth bottle of FemPlus.

moe and seki

Cassidy, honking her tits like they're car horns.

cassidy touching own tits

Cassidy, with one of her breasts exposed.

cassidy with one tit out

Moe, fingering herself.

moe fingering

10STR Moe.

moe lifting weights






It's Popmoe the sailor 'bold!



Cassidy and Seki, as fantasy RPG party members!

rpg party seki and cassidy


Moe, visiting a store run by a bad dragon.

shopping moe


Katia telling Moe how it is.

suffering moe

Katia and Moe coming to a mutual conclusion.

happiness in sorrow


Swole Moe. Memes are fanart too, right?

buff moe


Moe finding shinies.

moe with shinies

Moe sitting at a table.

moe sitting at a table

Moe from Easter Island!

moe from easter island


Moe waking up after passing out at a tavern.

moe with bottle


Moe realizing what their purpose is in life.

moe fleshlight


Ruby being fucked by Calamath, an original character not featured in the game.

ruby imminent knotting

Saphira being fucked by Calamath, an original character not featured in the game.

saphira imminent knotting


A drawing of Moe, with or without clothing.

clothed moe nude moe


Moe, about to be eaten.

meat moe


Moe, having taken several FemPlus potions.

titty moe


A Vulpix having sex with Moe. Courtesy of umbr30n.

vulpix x moe


A knight fucking Ruby. Courtesy of anon114.

knight x ruby

Moe being kissed by Nick Wilde. Colored by of Aweful Ripofs.

Nick kissing Moe


Moe was in debt, and this time it was serious. She knew she was going to get herself killed if she couldn't pay the rat. So the kobold got to work, doing thing only thing she knew how to.

Moe wandered through the woods until she came across a small camp set up in a clearing. Beckoning lights glistening from the inside, the kobold crept towards the entrance to one of the larger tents. Inside, she found a pile of supplies. Not too valuable at first glance, but a lot better than nothing. Sifting through the goods, the thief halted only to cast a few anxious glances behind her, terrified that someone might stumble upon her.

A few pieces of clothing, too large for her. Still an improvement over mud doubling as body-painting and a pair of torn pants functioning as shorts. Slowly starting to lose hope, the kobold suddenly spotted something green and sparkly, buried underneath a dirty rug. Jackpot! Something this polished must have been worth at least one hundred gold! If her scraggy, hole-filled pockets would last until she got home.

With fresh anticipation, Moe resumed her digging, hoping to find another prize worthy of taking with her. But with her newfound enthusiasm, came a lack of cautiousness. Blinded by greed, the kobold did not notice the human behind her, until his hand was firmly placed atop her shoulder.

Panicking, the thief froze in place. "Hey." spoke the man behind her. "What the fuck are you doing in my tent?" Slowly turning around, Moe was greeted with the sight of a huge, towering human. A bandit, or a hunter of some sorts, going by his clothing. Adrenaline flooded her system. The primal need to fight or flight kicked in. And there was no way she was going to fight someone this big.

Swiftly dislodging his grip on her shoulder, the kobold bolted for the exit, as quickly as her legs could carry her. But, on top of being bigger than her, the man was seemingly also faster, his reflexes honed by a lifetime of hunting all kinds of prey. In the flash of an eye, he snagged the fleeing lizard's tail, the sudden, painful yank causing her to fall backwards.

Not the most lucky of thieves, the back of Moe's head heavily crashed into an unfortunately placed rock. In the final moments of her fleeting consciousness, she could feel her limp body get lifted up. And right before she passed out, a horrible realization hit her. He wasn't going to kill her. He was going to keep her.

When the kobold awoke, she found herself in a dark room she'd never seen before, chained to a table with heavy, metal restraints. An elderly human was standing over her, a lecherous look on his face. Definitely not the guy that had knocked her out. Wait, how long had she been out for? "Ah, finally awake, are we?"

Finally? "You've been asleep for over three days. I was starting to think you weren't going to make it." Three days?! "Not that anyone would have missed you." What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

As the kobold feebly struggles against its restraints, the human lights a small fireplace in the corner of the room. He grabs a metal tool, from an impressive collection arrayed against the wall, and places it inside of the fire. "Well, let's get you cleaned up!" For what?! No response.

Moe growled and hissed as the elderly man approached, but the threats of a tied up kobold were little to be afraid of. He casually tore her already ripped pants off, leaving the impotent thief completely nude. Then, he manipulated a rotating mechanism built-in to the floor, a metal hose with the end tied-shut with heavy cloth dropping down from the ceiling. Filled with water, if the dripping was any indication.

"Feisty little bitch, aren't you?" The only response she gave the human was more growling, along with the most hateful glare the kobold could muster. "The breeders are going to love you. And they'll surely give me a bonus for bringing in a virgin."

With a wicked laugh, the elderly man untied the cloth keeping the water in the pipe from spilling out, a high-pressure torrent painfully spraying down onto the writhing lizard's body. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But the chains kept her in place, preventing her from moving. Her pained screeches turning into choking, gurgling and coughing, as the cackling slave-dealer tilted the flow of water upwards, towards her face, making it flood directly into her open maw, if only for a few moments.

After directing the flow from head to toe, the water abruptly stopped coming. Had it ran out, or was the pipe clogged? It didn't matter. The torture was over, and that was all Moe was grateful for. Her entire body hurt. It was as though she had been bruised all over. And in a way, she had been.

Spluttering out the final few bits of ice-cold water that had managed to make it into her lungs, the kobold burst out into tears, openly weeping from the pain and indignation. "Oh, quit acting like a baby. What, is this the first time you've taken a bath or something? You filthy beast." His words were not helping.

"But then again, twenty gold is a steal, even for a dirty mongrel like you." Twenty? Twenty coins? Was that how much her life was worth? Through her tear-stained eyes, the former-thief glared at the human. And then, through the flickering light provided by the still-burning fireplace, she finally recognized what he was wearing. A butcher's uniform. Her heart sank to her knees.

Anger replaced by fear, Moe stammeringly asked the human if he was going to eat her. He burst out into laughter once more. Surely a jovial fellow, for this somber, despicable business. "Eat you? Good heavens, no! You're worth far more alive. Breeding stock is in high demand."

The man placed his hand atop the kobold's inner thigh, sensually rubbing his warm palm upwards along her wet scales, over her loins, past her belly, towards her chest, where it came to rest. "A fine specimen like you is worth at least sixty coins." Her options were running out. She had to do something, anything to try to weasel out of this. Maybe...maybe she could trick him.

As the human squeezed one of her breasts, Moe let out a loud, whorish moan. Sixty coins? T-that's nothing! She could prove herself far more valuable. She could serve in ways the human had never even dreamed of. Why would he want to sell her as a breeding slave, for such a pitiful amount, instead of turning her into his personal, life-long whore, maid, servant, anything he wanted!

"The dumb animal has a thing for older humans? Cute. I'll be sure to let your new owner know." New owner?! Doesn't she get a say in this? "Stupid kobold. Don't you understand? It's already done. The only thing we haven't discussed yet is the price." She'd been sold twice while unconscious?!

The human didn't bother to respond. Instead, he retrieved the tool he'd put in the fireplace earlier. A glowing, white-hot piece of metal, no doubt shaped to imprint an insignia, or a word. Moe couldn't discern what it said. It was too bright to look at.

He brought it over to her. Hovered it right above her loins. The radiating heat was already painful enough to make the thief whince. Before he struck, the man spoke once more. "For the record, the only reason I'd stick my dick in vermin like you, is if the brothel across the street closed down. And I don't see them running out of business with my daily patronage." And then, with another cackling laugh, he mercilessly pressed the scorching iron down, directly above Moe's sex, burning brand-marking words into her nether-scales, while she feebly screamed and writhed and struggled and kicked, before ultimately slipping into sweet unconsciousness.

Awakening once more, the former-thief found herself in yet another place she'd never been to before. Chained to the wall, in an even smaller room than the last one. Besides her, one of her kind. A red-scaled kobold, held in place via a metal cuff wrapped around her neck, sobbing and crying. She clutched her breasts, trying to cover her naked frame. In the corner of the room, a third kobold. Blue-scaled. Strung up by her wrists, barely able to stand upright on her tippy-toes. Heavily lacerated, blood dripping down from her back to the filthy floor.

The door swung open, light filtering into the room. A group of heavily armed men walked in. Two walked up to the red-scaled slave, prying her resisting arms away from her chest, revealing the word MEAT burned into her left tit. The blue kobold's tail was lifted. Her ass, too, was brandmarked. SEX SLAVE. Then, finally, they turned their attention towards Moe. Her legs were forcibly spread. The word BREED was branded into her nether regions, right above her fertile, virginal cunt.

Their destinies had already been decided. Their minds and bodies broken by torture. Even if they could still put up a fight, they'd just be beaten to death right then and there. There was no resisting it, although one of them certainly did try. But in the end, all three of the kobolds were dragged to their fate. None would make it out alive.

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