Fan art


This page showcases all the fan art and fan fiction created by fans of Kobold Adventure. You can click each individual image for a larger resolution one which will open in a new tab. Each creator has their own section below. For an overview of creators, please see the credits page. Note that this page is not safe for work. If you are not of age, close this tab (and leave Kobold Adventure in general).


A fully rigged 3D model of Moe! Click here to download the Blender file. Note that it requires Blender version 2.80 at the least. Earlier versions may result in Blender crashing.

There's also a slight adaptation of the model fit for importing to VRChat. This comes in the form of a .fbx file with UV color and normal textures. Click here to download a .zip containing all three of those.

Last, but not least, there are two versions of the Moedel fit for 3D printing, which come in the .stl format. There's a version for high-definition printing, like regular plastic. You can get that here. And finally, a version with the claws filed down and made more blunt, for low-definition 3D printing, like metal casting. Click here for the metal printing version. Note that you'll probably need to scale both of these to fit your needs.

female moe model sfw female moe model nsfw male moe model sfw male moe model nsfw