This page describes the various ways in which you can contribute to Kobold Adventure. They are in no particular order. For each way to contribute, a bunch of hints and tips are given. Any and all contributions are appreciated, but only the highest quality of content can make it into the game itself. Without further ado, let us begin.


Whenever you contribute to Kobold Adventure, you lose all rights to the thing you contribute, and whatever it is, it may be altered and distributed freely along with the rest of the game forevermore, without any sort of compensation in return. You will be listed as a contributor, you will still be able to claim that you are the creator of whatever it is, and you may spread it or host it as you see fit, but you will void any control you have over the use of the contributed thing in and throughout Kobold Adventure. Basically: no takebacks, it may be altered, and once your stuff is in the project, it can not and will not be removed. It may also be used as or in promotional material for the game.

Legal bullshit aside, things are far more lenient in practice. Just don't ask me to go through every zipped version of Kobold Adventure to manually remove your content from it.

Writing scenes

While directly writing scenes for Kobold Adventure is out of the question, inspirational stories, ideas or suggestions are always welcome. If you write a fully fledged out story with branching paths, it might even make it into the game itself. The process of turning a story into a scene is an arduous one, however, and should be left to the creator himself. Contact details can be found on the game's title page.

Note that not all submitted stories will make it into the game. The creator of Kobold Adventure retains the right to deny any and all input deemed unsuitable for the project. Furthermore, expect a hefty bit of delay before any entries that are given a thumbs up actually get implemented.

If you want to try to write something for Kobold Adventure, start off small. Think of a single choice you'd like to see added to a path already available. Something without any major repercussions. Ask the creator about it, and then write it up after having been pre-approved. This will maximize your odds of success. A single choice is far easier to implement than an entire new scene.

The meat of submitted stories is preferably written using koBBold. koBBold is a custom implementation of BBcode which is used throughout the game to transform plain text into pretty HTML. It is highly recommended you use aPreview (click here), a tool created for the specific purpose of writing and previewing koBBold. A thorough explanation of all koBBold tags can be found below. You can also access aPreview from the game's main menu.

koBBold tags

Tag Effect End Notes
[t] Title. [/t] Big and fancy. Centered. Should only be used once per scene.
[st] Subtitle. [/st] Smaller than a title. Should be used after major choices.
[p] Paragraph. [/p] Makes things readable. Most, if not all text should be inside of a paragraph.
[c] Centered. [/c] In the middle. Usually needs its own paragraph ([p][c][/c][/p]).
[b] Bold. [/b] Stress words with this.
[i] Italic. [/i] Connotate a "special" word.
[s] Strikethrough. [/s] Ironic statements. Not compatible with underline.
[u] Underline. [/u] Heavy emphasis. Use sparsely, if at all. Not compatible with strikethrough.
[small] Smaller text size. [/small] Quiet things. Can also use [sub]
[big] Bigger text size. [/big] Loud things. Preferably use [b] instead.
[warn] Red text. [/warn] Warnings. Mostly used in potion popups for stat changes.
[sneak] Grey text. [/sneak] Snarky OOC comments or lewd things.
[color=____] Colored text. [/color] Speech, mostly. Also changes font slightly. Color codes are in the next table.
[fail] > FAILED: message [/fail] Failure messages. Failed stat checks.
[succ] > SUCCESS: message [/succ] Success messages. Succeeded stat checks.
[com] Comments. [/com] Invisible. Talk to other programmers and leet hackers.
[todo] Reminders [/todo] Brightly colored. Things you have yet to finish.
[nl] Newline. Force a line break without starting a new paragraph. No end tag.
[hl] Horizontal line. Adds a horizontal line. Best done in between two paragraphs. No end tag.

Valid colors

Color code Color
red Red
bred Bright red
dred Dark red
pred Pink red
blue Blue
cyan Cyan
gblue Grey-blue
pink Pink
ppink Pale pink
purple Purple
yellow Yellow
green Green
mgreen Mil-green
orange Orange
brown Brown
white White
black Black

Hints and tips

Keep your writing style somewhat in line with the project's own way of doing things. That means second person, present tense, while only dipping into past tense when the main character is reminiscing. The kobold should never be referred to as him or her, unless in dialogue.

Typos can be forgiven. We are (sadly) all human, after all. Multiple, repeated spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, however, are bound to leave a sour taste in the reviewer's mouth. Ignorance in this department is not an excuse.

Assign each of your voiced characters a color distinct throughout the piece you're writing. This helps the reader separate multiple talking parties. Make sure the color is actually readable within the theme of the scene. When using already-established characters in your work, ensure you color them accordingly.

If you plan on making an entire scene yourself (please don't), be aware that each scene can implement its own themes, which are a collection of background and UI colors intended to make the reader just a little bit more immersed. Bug the creator for more details on this matter.

Don't Mary Sue the kobold. It can pull off some pretty impressive moves at times, but fighting Varanar's entire guard detachment and making it out without a scratch isn't in line with the game's general theme. The nickname of Kobold Adventure is Making a Kobold Cry: The Adventure, blatantly stolen from Prequel.

Prefer actions over words, especially within sexual segments. "Oh yes, baby, I'm going to rape you." is not good writing, at all. If any of the characters in your segment sound like they're reading cheesy porn lines off of a script, then chances of you getting accepted are pretty darn low.

Ensure your piece is as unisex as possible. And by unisex, I don't just mean male and female. Beyond the confines of the forest, the kobold can be a myriad of genders, from hermaphrodite to a cuntboy. Write multiple versions of certain segments, to accommodate for other genders.

Keep in mind that the kobold can have a bunch of different equipment, stats and statuses, depending on the player's choices. Some apparel can not be torn. Weapons can be either stabby, slashy and/or blunt. Some weapons are strictly ranged weapons, and can be thrown or fired.

Some more tips:

Contributing art

Any kind of fan art may always be shared, but that doesn't guarantee it a place in the game. Most artwork in Kobold Adventure is (intended to be) fully colored and of high quality. If you meet these standard, along with depicting something happening in the game itself, and you get Sneaky's approval, then your work might just get added for all to see. Failing any of these requirements to get assimilated into the game itself, your art will most likely end up in the fan art section.

Note that outside of the fan art section and the artist (or contributor) segment earlier on the credits page, there will be no mention of the artist's name apart from perhaps a small popup on mouseover. This is to prevent random pseudonyms from interrupting the reader's experience. Of course, you may always unobtrusively sign your work, but watermarking it is not allowed.

Contributing audio

Are you not a writer or a graphical artist, but rather someone who enjoys making music and ambient sounds and all of that stuff? Well, if you make some background noise that fits one of the scenes, or a sound effect that could be used at a particular junction or something else entirely that you feel fits the game at one point or another, then you are always welcome to share your work, and perhaps have it added, securing you a spot in the contributor section. Note that the same legalities outlined in the final paragraphs of the previous segment also apply to any submitted audio.

Contact methods

See: the title page of Kobold Adventure.